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Donor Stories

Donor Stories

Learn how others have made a philanthropic impact on our community through their giving to the Oregon Jewish Community Foundation.

  • Rob & Mara Shlachter
    Rob & Mara Shlachter
    Rob and Mara Shlachter have long been dedicated to family, community and helping make the world a better place, both through volunteering their time and...
  • Jennifer & Ken Zeidman
    Jennifer & Ken Zeidman
    Both Jen and Ken Zeidman grew up in philanthropic homes with parents who always found the time to volunteer and support the...
  • Elizabeth & Ruben Menashe
    Elizabeth & Ruben Menashe
    Elizabeth and Ruben Menashe are true believers in the importance of legacy giving and they made their commitment to support...
  • Steve & Elaine Kantor
    Steve & Elaine Kantor
    "The Jewish Community has been an integral part of our lives, touching us in so many positive ways.
  • Joy Alkalay
    Joy Alkalay
    Long-time Congregation Beth Israel member and employee Joy Alkalay z"l, passed away in 2014.
  • Seymour
    Seymour "Sy" Danish
    Sy and Carol Danish established the Danish Family Endowment Fund at OJCF in 2006.
  • Cookie & Merritt Yoelin
    Cookie & Merritt Yoelin
    When Amara Norman talks about her parents, Davita "Cookie" and Merritt Yoelin z"l, she lights up.
  • Leah Spellman
    Leah Spellman
    In 2003, OJCF had the privilege of meeting Leah Spellman, a truly unique individual. Among the many ways Leah was unique, she was the first person to establish a Jewish charitable gift annuity (CGA) through...
  • Lois Poplack
    Lois Poplack
    The family roots of Lois and Gerry Poplack z"l reach back to the Jewish communities of Latvia, Lithuania and the region then known as the Austro-Hungarian empire.
  • Richard Dobrow
    Richard Dobrow
    Richard Dobrow has always enjoyed strong Jewish roots, going back to his formative years in Akron, Ohio. After college, medical school and military service, he came to Portland where he was introduced to Karensue...
  • Henry & Nancy Oseran
    Henry & Nancy Oseran
    Nancy Oseran and her husband, Henry z"l, shared many rich experiences during their long marriage. They raised a son, Dan, and daughter, Laurie, and have four grandchildren.
  • Chuck Karsun
    Chuck Karsun
    Portland native Charles (Chuck) Karsun z"l was best known in life as a musician and entertainer with the Chuck Karsun Orchestra. Upon his passing in June 2007 however, Chuck became among the...
  • Robert Weil
    Robert Weil
    Robert "Bob" Weil z"l was as passionate about his charitable giving as he was about his businesses or catching the largest fish. His generosity extended not only to his family, but to the community at large and OJCF was...
  • Stanley Samuels
    Stanley Samuels
    Faye Samuels once asked her husband, Stan, why he became a lawyer. His response was, "Because I wanted to help people." These words exemplify the very heart of who Stan Samuels z"l was, not only in his law practice, but...
  • Steve Rosenberg and Ellen Lippman and Family
    Steve Rosenberg and Ellen Lippman and Family
    With a family history of generosity and a strong commitment to our Jewish community, Steve "Rosy" Rosenberg, Ellen Lippman and their family are teaching through their actions the greatest of our Jewish values, the value...
  • Barry & Susan Menashe
    Barry & Susan Menashe
    Barry and Susan Menashe have been long-time friends and supporters of OJCF. They have also been great supporters of many other Jewish and secular...
  • Jerry & Bunny Sadis
    Jerry & Bunny Sadis
    One of the services OJCF provides to donors is the ability to process complex transactions for charitable giving. Jerry and Bunny Sadis...
  • Harold, Arlene and Jordan Schnitzer
    Harold, Arlene and Jordan Schnitzer
    Harold Schnitzer's z"l legacy has the distinction of including the single largest gift ever made to Jewish Portland. In November 2012...
  • Min Zidell
    Min Zidell
    The future of Hesed Shel Emet, Oregon's Jewish Indigent Burial Society, is more secure today thanks to the generosity of Min Zidell.
  • Emily Gottfried
    Emily Gottfried
    In January 2013, Portland's Jewish community lost Emily Georges Gottfried z"l, one of our most enthusiastic and dedicated champions.
  • Henry S. Blauer
    Henry S. Blauer
    June 2012 was difficult as the Jewish community lost one of its most loved and admired mensches, Henry Blauer z"l.
  • Michael Weiner & Kathy Davis-Weiner
    Michael Weiner & Kathy Davis-Weiner
    Michael and Kathy believe that philanthropy is the backbone of Jewish cultural and religious survival so committing to make a legacy gift...
  • Tom & Patti Barkin Reflect on LIFE & LEGACY
    Tom & Patti Barkin Reflect on LIFE & LEGACY
    For Tom and Patti Barkin, Eugene's Jewish community has provided them with a spiritual, emotional and social home for nearly 40 years.

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